The Experience

We're a family-owned business based out of West Kingston, RI. Our goal is to provide year-round, enjoyable entertainment for the residents and visitors of South County Rhode Island.

Getting Here

Located directly off Route 138, South County Virtual Golf is accessible from most of South County in under 20 minutes. See our address and map here.

Outside the Facility

Parking is available directly in front of the facility, in the gravel overflow lot at the end of the parking lot, and on the grass across from the facility.

The Facility

Our 1,200 square foot facility houses our two TruGolf simulators. It offers enough room for parties of all sizes, as well as plenty of seating.

Panoramic View

We have a high top bar where you can bring your own food and drinks to enjoy. Above the bar is a 10' projection screen showing the latest sporting events.


Our facility has plenty of seating for your entire group. Our open floor plan allows you plenty of space to play, as well as observe the other simulator (perfect for private parties).


The Simulators

We use TruGolf Vista Series simulators. These are designed and built for the sole purpose of indoor golf simulation. TruGolf is also the make of E6 Golf Software, the most popular golf simulation software in the world (and the software that powers our sims). Both simulators use a combination of optical sensors and high-sensitivity acoustics to track ball flight, club speed/angle, and distance data.

Simulator #1
Old Faithful - Simulator #1

You will notice that we have two different simulators. Both come from the TruGolf Vista Series. Simulator #1 is the first simulator we purchased when we started this venture. This simulator fit perfectly in our old. While the screen is smaller than Simulator #2, its technical performance and specs are exactly the same. Several of our members swear by it.

Simulator #2
The New Guy - Simulator #2

Simulator #2 is our latest purchase. It features a widescreen display and offers a more immersive golfing experience. It is powered by the same technology as Simulator #1 and offers the same realistic gameplay.

The Golf

The reason you're here: golf. We utilize the industry-leading E6 Connect software to provide to most accurate and realistic simulation experience. With over 75+ courses, 17 practice areas, and 4 mini games, you'll never run out of options to play.

Sand Ridge
Sand Ridge Golf Course

The graphics provided in E6 are unmatched. You have full control over weather, elevation, and time of day. Each player will have their score automatically tracked and has the ability to choose their tee box. Further, the software offers 5 different modes of play (Stroke, Scramble, Best Ball, Stableford, and Modified Stableford) with automatic progression.

"Darts" Mini Game

We are a family-friendly facility. We have four mini games that allow you to challenge your family and friends. It's also great if you have a few minutes left at the end of your round. One mini game allows players to score points on every hit, so skill doesn't play a factor!

Online Feedback
Online Feedback

All golfers have the opportunity to sign up for E6 Online, an online portal that tracks every shot you take. Whenever you visit, you can log back in to the software to continue tracking. All of these stats are available immediately online for your review.

Online Feedback
Online Feedback

The online feedback provided is not just at the range, either. Every swing you take will be tracked and broken down by club to help you improve your game.

Online Feedback
Titlest AVX

Each one of our simulators has a ball dispenser/shagger loaded up with Titlest AVX balls. These are some of the highest rated balls in the game. We rotate them out regularly. Did you know? We provide the balls just to ensure we keep our simulator screens clean. The simulators work without any special balls!